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Sunday, May 10, 2009

BARBIE'S Best Friend

For my still life final I chose to do 5 BARBIE's from 5 different decades and five cocktails that went with the most popular Barbie from each decade. I wanted to show Barbie not as the little plastic doll that was out best friend growing up but as a woman that matured with us over the years. She's the girl you want to go to the bars with and gossip with and shop with. And, apparently, she's an alcoholic!

1. Title page with BARBIE
2. 1959 - Debut Barbie, Classic Gin Martini
3. 1967 - Mod Barbie, Ladies Lemon Drop
4. 1971 - Malibu Barbie, Pink Sand Pina Colada
5. 1983 - Dream Date Barbie, Fresh Rose Champagne
6. 1999 - Coca Cola Barbie, Jazzy Jack & Coke

*** These images were shot for a still life class, they are not for sale and I am making NO money off of these -- BARBIE is a product of Mattel.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE what you say about Barbie being an alcoholic. What will you do when all my glassware is packed? The Waterford looks fabulous. This is a great theme, Giners. LOVE IT.



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