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I am a daydream believer and love to express my dreams and fantasies in my work. Realism and fantasy are one in my life, there is no line dividing the two.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Model: Precious Little

Styling: models own, Makeup: Miss GB (me), Retouching/Compositing: GB Editing (me)

Daria (Precious Little) has such an insane and unique and intense look so i wanted to put her into an environment and scenario that would really compliment her strong features. she's got short blond pixie hair but had this black wig and i thought it'd be fun to make her look totally different -- most people don't recognize it's her in these images bc of the wig. so i shot her in my house and the images with the maroon wall paper were composited to help give it a darker, spicier look. the played the 1920s temptress beautifully.

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